The Colombian Film Festival comes to its sixth edition with a selection of restored Classic Colombian films and presenting its new membership holder

During the 22nd to the 25th of March, the most important window to Colombian cinema in the world will be open in its new home at CINÉPOLIS CHELSEA (260 W 23rd St, New York, NY) and from now on you are invited to remain a part of our festival with your invaluable support that keeps on pushing us to further growth. 

As for today, you can become a festival member granting you access to larger benefits in discounts and different offers so you and your family and friends would be able to live to see the best from Colombian cinematography during our sixth edition. Here you will find all the information regarding our membership promo packs. 

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And now, we would like to share our first news for 2018 when two recently restored classic Colombian productions will come to the screens of the #ColFilmNY6 thanks to the support of Proimagenes Colombia. 

This two jewels from Colombian cinema will have their restored re-release in the Cinépolis Chelsea theaters where the sixth edition of the #ColFilmNY will be taking place.

Cóndores no entierran todos los días.  (A Man of Principle)

Director Francisco Norden

In Colombia, since the second half of the Nineteenth century, the two traditional political parties, the liberal and the conservative, have faced a series of civil wars blood-washing the country during almost a hundred years. The last one of these, the so-called period of “La Violencia”, got worst due to assassination of the populist leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitan on the 9th of April, 1948. That day marked the beginning of a terrible and dark time which would last more than a decade wherein a group of hired killers known as “Los Pájaros” (The Birds), played a very important role. That is where we meet Leon Maria Lozano “The Condor”. The film follows the transformation of this character from a humble party member to a gruesome blood-thirst killer.

Visa Usa.

Director Lisandro Duque  

In a hot uphill town, the son of a small poultry farmer dreams to become a radio announcer in the United States. But love comes across his plans not without too many hardships as he is not well-regarded to the eyes of her family as he is unworthy of her favors. The hindrances are so big that our man runs away to the Capital City in his resolution to obtain an American Visa so he could reach to a better horizon.


The Colombian Film Festival New York 

The Colombian Film Festival in New York was founded by Juan  Carvajal in 2012, opening a gap to promote the best of the Colombian film production in New York City, bringing together and connecting the Colombian Diaspora with its homeland through cinema. 

The Colombian Film Festival in New York is sponsored by the Colombian Embassy in the united States, Prexco and Caracol Cine. For more information about the Colombian Film Festival in New York, please visit