The marimba and the balafon are magical instruments connected in their past, which are expressed in the black and mestizo sounds of popular music, folk music, and jazz. We traveled through three continents; we met iconic players of the marimba and the balafon. We reviewed the film and photographic archives that revealed the deep musical relationship between Senegal, Mexico, Germany, Ecuador, the United States, and Colombia.

El Viaje de la Marimba is a living portrait of how ancestral music is nourished by the soil in which it is born or the air that its creators breathe. In Dakar, the balafons Djyby Diabaté and the Colombian marimbero Candelario Gonzalez, talk with their instruments. In Chiapas, Mexico with Carlos Nandayapa and Israel Moreno, we walked the path of a black marimba that became the popular instrument in that country. On the streets of NewYork, Dan Neville presents his jazz work inspired by the learning he received from Colombian maestro Diego Obregón. In Esmeraldas Ecuador, the marimbero Larry Preciado reveals the connection between the Ecuadorian and Colombian black people. In Stuttgart, Germany the composer Magnus Lingrend and Candelario meet in the Big Band format and its powerful sound. In Barbacoas, an Afro-descendant town in the Colombian Pacific, we witness the natural spell of a traditional marimba.

TITULO ORIGINAL: El Viaje de la Marimba

TITULO EN INGLES: The Journey of the marimba

PAÍS / COUNTRY: Colombia

AÑO / YEAR: 2023


IDIOMA / LANGUAGE: Español, Inglés y Francés, Subtítulos en Inglés | Spanish, English, French, English subtitles 

DIRECTOR / DIRECTOR : Marino Alberto Aguado Varela. 

GUION / SCRIPT: Marino Alberto Aguado Varela.

PRODUCTOR / PRODUCER: Carolina Dossman

EDITOR / EDITOR: Néstor Betancourt


PROTAGONISTAS / CAST: Candelario González, Djiby Diabate, Dan Neville, Larri Preciado, Papa Roncón, Israel Moreno y Jose Torres. 


Marino Alberto Aguado Varela

Documentalist. His productions explore different themes, among which are characterized in the music and manifestations of the African diaspora. In television, her interests have focused on the production of cultural and educational content on Colombian public television.
Aguado is part of the new wave of Afro-Hispanic audiovisual filmmakers who are making their way in the audiovisual world, through research and exposure of the different themes that cross the existence of Spanish-speaking people in the world. In his work, migrations, the production of knowledge of different ethnic groups, and the representations of multiple identities that converge in the Americas stand out.
His most recent work is El Viaje de la marimba, a feature-length documentary awarded as Best Documentary at the Afriacan Film Festival (Atlanta – 2023), winner in three categories of the TAL Awards (Montevideo), official selection at the Cali Film Festival (2023). , official selection Zimbabwe International Film Festival (2023). Official selection Ethnografilm Paris, Official selection Lasa Film Festival.
Also in his career is the documentary Zapata el Gran Putas (2020), a feature-length documentary that received statuettes at the India Catalina awards (Cartagena Colombia 2021), the most prestigious festival of Colombian film and television, in the categories Best Photography, Best Inclusion Project social and Best Documentary. Also Busca por interior, a feature-length documentary project, was presented at The Colombian Film Festival, New York (2017) and Festival Panorama Colombia, Berlin (2017).
Some other recognitions are the Simón Bolívar Prize for Journalism, five TAL Awards (Latin American Television), ATEI Award (Association of Ibero-American Educational and Cultural Televisions). Finally, within his professional experience is having been a Delegate Producer at the Signal Colombia channel for 10 years and currently being the production director of the public channel Telepacifico in Colombia.


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